King Saud and the start of female education
The King Saud Foundation was founded in 2014 by King Saud's sons and daughters as a trust on behalf of King Saud.


History of King Saud

The 2nd King of Saudi Arabia, after the unifier King Abdulaziz, King Saud was born in Kuwait in 1902, fought from the age of 13, he was then Crown Prince for 20 years, and then King for 11. And died in Athens in 1969.

King Saud`s Family

The Family Tree

Dear people: you are well aware of my sole interest in you affairs, and your wellbeing, and I shall work hard in order to strengthen our country in every possible way.

Quotes of King Saud

Our forefathers have lived for decades riding horses and camels and eating dates, and for the sake of Arab solidarity, we are ready to sacrifice everything, even if it means returning to the desert with camels and horses, as pride and honour with hunger is better than luxury with humiliation.