The Assassination attempt of King Abdul Aziz

1353 A.H - 1935 A.D



A year after agreement  between King Abdulaziz and  Imam Yahya , and during the Hajj period, 4 Yemenis , made an assassination attempt on King Abdul Aziz, when he was performing  circumambulation  around Al-Kaaba on the tenth of Thul¬-Hiija, 1353H/1935; at that time, his son Saud was behind him and sacrificed himself to save his father's life. This sacrifice is a rare example of love and devotion towards a father. Eyewitnesses said that Saud threw himself over his father in order to protect him and was stabbed in his shoulder and back. When King Abdul-Aziz saw the love and devotion of his son towards him, he decided to grant him more responsibilities in Najd [1], especially that he was on the verge of new challenges that began to influence the Kingdom, internally and externally [2].



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