Instructions to construct Mosques

His Majesty the King ordered the delivery of fresh water to the cities of Al-Seih, Al-Yamama, Al-Gunfudhah and Al-Leith. His Majesty also ordered to reconstruct and establish several mosques in Jeddah, Mecca, Taif, Medina, Sakaka, Domat Al-Jandal, Bisha, Omloj, Yanbou and Asir and throughout the Kingdom and estimated costs for that was million and a half riyals.
Riyadh wire - our correspondent
His Majesty has ordered the completion of a project to extend fresh drinking water from the city of Althleema in Al-Kharj Province to the city of Al-Seih from the province mentioned, and while the Ministry of Agriculture was working to get it done ،his Majesty ordered to extend these pipes for irrigating  the  Western  Yamamah City .the Ministry of Agriculture, was in charge  of these vital projects for the country by the desire gracious Royal Decree, Number : (4-4-  )8562.
The Minister of Finance and  Economy was to finance the projects for the Ministry of Agriculture. the project initial reconstruction work was to extend these water pipes to the city of Al-Yamamah at the expenses of  the Ministry of Agriculture to deliver drinking water  to each of the cities Qunfudah and Laith in the south of the country .the Ministry of Finance studied in the past year  the two projects and their costs, after the Ministry of Agriculture launched two projects by   tender and bidding among contractors, His Majesty King Saud, issued an order to the Minister of Finance and National economy to pay  to the winner of the  tender by the Ministry of Agriculture. [or the first time in the history of the two cities there will be fresh water. Used by its inhabitants
King Saud policy was to build  and restore old  Mosques   throughout the Kingdom ,and  inspect the affairs of each city and village and their needs of new mosques , and formed   committees to report to him  directly . the estimated budget for this project  was about one .million and a half  SAR.
A list of restored Mosques in the kingdom by King Saud :

• Naqeeb Al-Yemen mosque in Jeddah.

• Bazahar mosque in Al-Hendaweiyah - Jeddah.

• Al-Seheifa mosque in Jeddah.

• Mohammed Bahoreith mosque in Mecca.

• Mahalat Abo Madafe'e mosque in Alzaher - Mecca.

• Al-Sulaymaniyah mosque in Mecca.

• Saleh Oweis mosque in Mahalat Jarool - Mecca.

• Al-Humeira mosque in Mecca.

• Completing the reconstruction of Samtah mosque.

• Construction of a mosque in Heda'a - Mecca - Jeddah road.

• Reconstruction of three mosques in the city of Al-Leith.

• Construction of a mosque in Al-Hindawiya - Jeddah.

• Construction of a mosque behind the besheish cafe - Jeddah.

• Construction of a mosque east of Al-Kandarah - Jeddah.

• Construction of a mosque in Al-Nuzlah - Jeddah.

• Construction of a second mosque in Al-Kandarah - Jeddah.

• Khalil Takrooni mosque - Jeddah.

• Hamed Fayez mosque - Jeddah.

• Jared Al-Soloh mosque in Jeddah.

• Expansion of Dar Al Tawhid mosque in Taif.

• Expansion of Qaro mosque - Taif.

• Expansion of Al-Sabq mosque in Al-Madinah.

• Repair of four mosques in Al-Khurmah.

• Three mosques architecture in Trubah.

• Building and repair of 44 mosques in Bisha.

• Creation of a mosque in Wadi Al-Tarfa.

• Establishment of seven mosques in some villages in Taif.

• Reconstruction of Al-Samayrah mosques in Yanbou.

• Reconstruction eight mosques in Yanbou.

• Reconstruction of Jabal Hella mosque in Asir - Abha.

• Reconstruction Al-Marj mosque in the city of Taif.

• Restoration of mosques in Omloj.

• Demolition and re-construction Al-Souq Mosque and the Mosque of Ibn Rashid  - Dammam.

• Building Bin Hamed mosque in Ma'abedah - Mecca.

• Building of Adam mosque in Ruwais - Jeddah.

• Repairing of Sheikh Abdullah Sulaiman Al-Hamdan Mosque in Mahallat Al Yemen - Jeddah.

• Repair of Al-Seheifah mosque in Jeddah.

• Repair of Mahallat Al-Fasla mosque in Ruwais - Jeddah.

• Creation of a mosque in the western region of Al-Sabeel - Jeddah.

• Supplement the mosque Balhendaoah Jeddah yield Marbin.

• Building the mosque required his way downtown neighborhood in Jeddah.

• Supplement of the Marebeyeen Mosque in the west of Al-Hindawiya - Jeddah.

• Construction of a mosque in the east of Hindawiya in Mahallat Bisha - Jeddah.

• Reconstruction and repair of Nimra mosque.

• Construction of a new mosque in the town of Sakaka.

• Construction of a new mosque in Domat Al-Jandal.

Reference: Al-Riyadh Newspaper
Date : 14th Shawwal 1374 A.H
            5th June 1955