Construction of Mosques

His Majesty King Saud was extremely involved in the affairs of Islam, and the expansion of the Holy Mosques, just as much as he was attentive to the matters of Islam and the Muslims. Daily newspapers mentioned daily donations for the construction or reconstruction of mosques in every part of the Kingdom, and Muslim countries alike.

King Saud refurbished mosques in various cities and villages: I.e :"Bani Malik, Al-Mujama'a, Snaam Nasser Bin Milhi, Samra Valley, Al-Seeh, Hillat Al-Aazim, Abha, Mahroos, Yanbu, Al-Shameis, Alia Turki, Al-Sowaylaany, Al-Qomsaan, Al-Foota, Hillat Rahaimaan, Al-Fawaar, Al-Imaam Feisal, Al-Waijaan Um-Saleema Al-Junoobi, Al-Habaab, Hubab, Al-Rees Al-Baasaliyya, Um-Thaniyya, Al-Ahsaa, The Five Mosques of Dammam, Irq- Mosque in Dammam, The Three Mosques of Al-Barr, Al-Hayy in Ras-Tanoora, West Dammam, Five mosques in Al Khobar, Dammam Airport, Al-Ateeg Al-Kabeer, Al-Anaabir in Al-Ahsaa, Larger Al-Khobarb area, The central neighbourhoods, Larger Dammam area, Ankara and Dafwa,The Municipality in Dammam, Al-Ahsa, Al-Asalehyah, The Eight Mosques of Dahba, The Ten Mosques of  Dhahran, Hail, Al-Dafeena, Darmaa, and Taif.

King Saud personally sponsored the building of new mosques around the Kingdom, with a budget totaling around eight million Saudi riyals.

In addition to that, the King donated one hundred thousand riyals to help build the Salafi mosque in Aleppo. King Saud was also keen not to miss the chance in contributing to the maintenance of Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the rock, and so he donated about two million riyals to cover the completion of the restoration of these to Islamic landmarks.

King Saud was also very keen on encouraging the memorization of the Holy Quran and set up an annual prize for it. But all of that was pointless without the King, and his Government's, upholding of Islamic law and principles as the cornerstone of their governance. And he always reiterated that in his speeches and letters.

"Today, the idea of the Islamic University came into being by our countries natural place in the leadership of the Islamic movement, inspired by the tolerant teachings of Shariah, which has triumphed since the dawn of Islam."

This generated a tremendous response expressed by Saudi people and the Muslim people through letters and cables that poured into the Royal Palace to express their joy over the victory of the further spread of the Islamic message, initiated by His Majesty the King.